Cappi Yà or Left Yà is an Special Character in Balochi and the eight letter of Balochi standard Alphabets


Cappi Yà
number final medial initial isolated IPA
#8 ـے ـݔـ اݔـ ے /ɪ/

The #8 number of Balochi Standard alphabets has spoken difference by Balochi some dialects

In Sarbazi dialect spoke cappi yà with /ɪ/ IPA

others spoked like this but some are harder or soft than Sarbazi

This character are choosed by Balochi Academy Sarbaz reaserchers the arabic yà with a dot above it and for Isolated are ے

In sayad zahoor Shah Hashmi Alphabets(Old Alphabet) we have this character but yà have a little oracle above yà [ یْـ ] in Isolated use from ے

Some words in Balochi with Cappi yà

  • Èkim اݔکیم
  • Èràn اݔران
  • Èlàm اݔلام
  • Hèd ھݔد
  • Šàhèm شاھݔم
  • Àdènk آدݔنٚک
  • Àdènag آدݔنَگ
  • Bèr بݔر
  • Šèr شݔر
  • Cèr چݔر
  • Panèr پنݔر
  • Sènag سݔنَگ
  • Bènag بݔنَگ
  • Dèm دݔم

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