Gedrosia in Modern Balochi: Gid Rouch / گید رۏچ

Was Ancient Balochistan Name

This name made from combination of tow Balochi words

  • Gid ; Gid means in English to Homeplace
  • Rouch/Ròc means in English to The Sun

So Gid Rouch will translate in English to Homeplace of The Sun 

This name in a periods was Bad Rouch(trnsl:The Bad Sun)

and this name was rationalized to Barouch and now we Saying Balouch/Baloch/Balòc



The Homeplaces of Baloch peoples in Pre-modern time was Gidàn that does mean in English to Homeplace


This was a research from Balochi Academy of Sarbaz Research Part.

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