Balochi language is a language that now is known as a Macrolanguage and SIL sets some of ISO 639-3 codes for Balochi dialects that just using in speakings but their not written

for writing Balochi language all of Balochi writers using Balochi as one language

This language locally named ( رݔدَگݔن بلۏچی ) meant Main Balochi and writers just use a publically speaking all of Balochi speakers can understand, In Balochi folklore musics Main Balochi used widely

Western Balochi is influenced from Urdu and Brahui languages that is some different from other dialects of Balochi dialects

Northern Balochi also is influenced from Persian language

Southern Balochi in some places like Iranshahr city influenced from Persian Language and in Hormozgan Province is influenced from Bandari and other locally languages

Main Balochi Language is using actually in mountains of Sarbaz and Lashar zones


Our biggest problem for growing Balochi language is that we don’t know which of codes we use for?


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