Aesà is a Diagraph in Balochi Standard Alphabets

Aesà withe with a ی with an ء above it[actually ئ]

Balochi have three diagraphs

The first diagraphs is Aesà that we can use it in Balochi writing and spokes

Aesà wrote Æ æ in Ballàtin( Latin Alphabets of Balochi )

Aesà has merged from tow A & E


number final medial initial isolated IPA
# ـئ ـئـ ائـ ئ /ɛ/

Aesà will use for this words in Balochi

  • Sae سئ / Three
  • Baenk بئنک / Bank
  • Kan ae کنئ / You will do (ae mean will)
  • Bae بئ /be
  • Bae ent بئ اِنت / Accepted
  • Wae وئ
  • Dae دئ / Take

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