The Sayad Zahoor Shah Hashmi or Sayad Zahur Šàh Hàšmi a.k.a Sayad Zahoor  In Balòrabi (سید زھور شاہ ھاشمی)

Sayad was born at 21 april 1926 at Gwadar, Makoran State

The first literatue of Balochi language that used Balochi words in their poet

Sayad Zahur Shah tries was for standardization of Balochi alphabet so he published her Book as ”بلوچی سیاھگءِ راست نبیسگ” and in this Book he studied how Balochi literature and poet can wrote Balochi in Arabic Abjad scripts

But yet Balochi was a dificult language for writing because everyone can’t to write Balochi as good

In 19 page of Sayad zahoor shah Book we see some words that are difficult actually

دگه مستریں اڑے کہ بلوچی گالانی تہ ءَ اِنت آ ایش اَنت کہ لھتیں گال انچیں اَنت کہ آیانی بنگیج ءِ اب اوشت اِنت کہ دگہ ھمرنگ ءُ ھم آبیں گالانی رد ءَ  رَد وانگ ءُ رَد زانگ بَنت اک:-

درد(DARD) , درد (DRAD) , گورم(GOURUM) , گورم (GWARM) , درپ(DARP) ، درپ(DRAP) , گوھر(GOUHAR) , گوھر(GWAHR)

Now we Standardizated Balochi Alphabets

and we write them like:

  • دَرد( Dard )
  • درَد( Drad )
  • گۏرُم( Gourom/Gòrom )
  • گوَرم( Gwarm )
  • درَپ( Drap )
  • دَرپ ( Darp )
  • گؤھَر ( Gouhar/Gauhar )
  • گوَھر ( Gwahr )

Ok, lets say about sayad zahur shah hashmi

Sayad saw the Karàci Balòci Diwàn that Balochi poets are using strange Words in their poems

In 37 page of the Book sayad wrote a poem by Balochi poets using other than Balochi words

چو منءَ دیگر کسے بے تاب نیست

ساز موجود اِنت مگر مضراب نیست

Some Balochi poets set their poets in other than Balochi words

Sayad says;

I saw the Karachi Literature Diwan like this so I thought why they using Arabic or persian words in their poets, I tries to tell with them about this wrong.

So sayad wrote their book.


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