Baloch is a Nation name
they live in Balochistan region Splitted between Iran,Pakistan and Afghanistan
and also Oman,UAE,Bahrain,Kuwait,Qatar,Tanzania,West of India,Turkmenistan and other countries have Baloch peoples
In Europian Countries Sweden,England,Germany and …

Balochs have a different culture with Different clothes,shoes,foods and …
also All of Balochs celebrate them clture in 2 march with Balochis songs and wearing Balochi clothes

Baloch name has embed from Godròc word
,Now what is Godròc?

Godròc is a Balochi (Gedrosian) name this name was craeted with tow words God(In Good Mood) and Ròc(the Sun)
In a age we think while persian empire of Kourosh e Kabir attacked on Gedrosia the first time Godròc peoples have won to defends theirs country but for second time Balochs has couldn’t to Defend
so they changed her name to Badròc
Badròc also mean Bad( Bad thing, Bad chances) , Ròc( the Sun ) after Badròc and going to future deleted D in Badròc and was it Baròc so they changed R letter to L
because Baloch babies and kids talk L when they want to talking R in words

Star changed Stal in Balochi

After all of changes we now here and say Balòc to us and Balochi language for our Native Language

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